Winter in Bangladesh village

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20 November 2020, Fri
Published: 05:41

Winter in Bangladesh village

The bone of the bones is village dawn in winter. The fog is situated on the edge of the house of Kisan Ghana, on the other end of the jungle. He is sitting on the lungs of fire, all the children of the house, all the children of the house. Eyes flutter on the screen of the mind, a scene. 

The lid is covered with the sunshine in the house of Kishanu, on the Dhaka berry, the dough is covered with the dough, the new sugar molasses, and the small bowl of coconut. 

The name of the hot smoke is filled with roasted pita On each side This picture is a romantic winter picture of a traditional Bengali village of absolute love, affection and love, and subtle obstacles.

Wrapped in the tea shop around the corner of the house, it is full of winter clothes, sweater, or sprayed kanthakani! The story of the tea-cup is empty! 

The crowd got accustomed! The traditional village, this is the winter season of Bengal!

There was a different feeling of winter. Muddy winter morning in the fog! Surprised to see the smoke coming out of the mouth. Vapha, Chitui, Patisapata, Puli, Kuli variety pita. 

Do not mind to break the bed even after sleeping. Trombang's coat of thorn blanket is great fun. Oh in the sun. 

Even though the winter application is different in urban life, it is felt different in every village in the village. 

The significance of the winter season is that. On the way of Bengal, in the field, in the field, on the banks of the date palm, there are small roses hanging on the banks of the date palm. 

The plants are preparing to take the juice from the trees. And on the field of the crop, in the golden house, the evening frost in the snow frost fog The hot flavor of hot water or the raw juice of the two is incredible! And there is no pair of roasted rosewater, by nafijur