4 of a family Murdered in Satkhira: CID files a charge sheet

Staff Correspondent
24 November 2020, Tue
Published: 02:26 Updated: 02:28

4 of a family Murdered in Satkhira: CID files a charge sheet

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has filed a charge sheet in the case of 4 of the same family in Satkhira.

In just 1 month, CID has able to file the charge sheet in the CID court on Sunday (November 22).

On October 15, four members of the same family were killed at Brodabakhsha village in Kalaroa of Satkhira. Shahinur Rahman, his wife Sabina, minor daughter Tasnim and son Siam were killed in the incident. 

After the murder, victim Sabina's mother filed a case with the Kalaraya police station in Satkhira. After taking charge of the investigation of the case, the CID started working to unravel the mystery of the incident. 

The CID was able to unravel the whole mystery of the incident, including the arrest of Rahanur, the main accused in the sensational case.

Rahanur confessed to taking Phensidyl regularly during CID interrogation. He has been taking sleeping pills (Desapen-2) with Phensidyl for a long time. At one point he was caught by the police with phencidyl and jailed. 

He divorced his wife Fahima in January 2020. At that time Rahanur was in the family of his brother and sister-in-law while unemployed. Future Sabina Khatun used to be rude for money from time to time. Rahanur once planned to kill his entire family, including his brother-in-law, due to the break-up of his relationship with his wife and the abuse of his future wife. 

As part of the plan, the local mother bought two speed (soft drinks) from Abu Jafar's shop and mixed sleeping pills in it. Later he gave this mixed drink to his brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. When they fell asleep, they killed his brother and later his sister-in-law with a knife between 03.00 and 03.30 pm on October 15. After the murder, Rahanur tries to erase the evidence of the murder. 

Eventually, all of Rahanur's mischievous attempts failed and the CID arrested him and revealed all the secrets of the case. 

According to his confession, blood-stained clothes including chapati used in the murder case were recovered. The CID remanded the killer Rahanur for questioning and verified the veracity of the information obtained from him. On October 21, Rahanur gave a confessional statement under section 164 in the court.