Maradona died same day as 'friend' Fidel Castro (video)

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26 November 2020, Thu
Published: 03:31 Updated: 04:20

Maradona died same day as 'friend' Fidel Castro (video)

Argentina legend Diego Maradona was one of Fidel Castro’s great friends. And, coincidentally, the two died on the same day: November 25th. 

The Argentine idol died on Wednesday, aged 60, after a cardiac arrest. The leader of the Cuban Revolution died on the same date, exactly four years ago, at 90. 

At the time, a very emotional Maradona said that Fidel had been like a father to him: 'the only commander'.

Maradona went to Cuba for the first time a year after winning the 1986 World Cup. Fidel, who was a baseball fan, confessed that he had been a football player in his youth. 

Over the years, they became close friends, a devotion that was marked by a tattoo of Fidel on the star’s left leg. Fidel returned the admiration by calling Maradona “El Che do sport”. time 24 news

That friendship between the two dates back to the 1980s, but the legendary Argentine ex-footballer is especially grateful to Fidel Castro for his help in entering a Cuban clinic in 2000 to overcome his addictions.

Maradona has defended the Cuban Revolution on numerous occasions and in addition to the face of Fidel Che Guevara is tattooed on one arm.

I lived in Cuba for four years and Fidel called me at 2 in the morning to talk about politics or sports. And I was willing to talk. It is the most beautiful memory I have left, Maradona said when Castro died. Maradona’s last visit to Fidel Castro was in 2013.