Football legend Maradona’s family & kids

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26 November 2020, Thu
Published: 10:50

Football legend Maradona’s family & kids

One of the all-time greats of football legend Diego Maradona passed away on November 25th, 2020. 

The 60-year-old leaves behind his former wife and eight children.

Diego Maradona enjoyed a football career spanning over 40 years. The 60-year-old passed away from a heart attack just three weeks after having surgery on a blood clot in his brain.

Two of Maradona's brothers also became professional footballers, although not with anywhere near the same level of success as Argentina's No10.

Raul, known as Lalo, had a brief stint with Boca Juniors and Spanish club Granada before spending much of his career in the US.

Maradona met his wife Claudia Villafane when she was 17 and he 19.

They married after a long engagement in 1989 and were wed 25 years, but the pair endured a turbulent relationship over three decades.

The couple divorced in 2004, but continued to be seen together in the years that followed, including at the 2006 World Cup.

The pair then drifted apart but made more headlines together in 2018, when Maradona sued Claudia for allegedly stealing his money and using it to buy apartments in Florida.

While two of his children, daughters Dalma and Giannina, were Claudia's, Diego has at least three other kids - with unconfirmed rumours of more.

In 2016, after nearly 30 YEARS of denying paternity, Diego finally recognised Diego Jr Sinagra as his son.

He had been born in September 1986 after Diego's affair with model Cristina Sinagra while he played for Napoli.

Despite years of campaigning from his mum - and even rumours that the Pope had got involved - Diego refused to accept he was the father, despite an Italian court proclaiming him as the father as early as 1995.

He finally had a change of heart after another love child, Jana, got to know him by secretly meeting with him at a gym he attended in Buenos Aires.

Maradona had fathered Jana, now a lingerie model, after a brief fling with nightclub worker Valeria Sabalain while still married to Claudia Villafane.

Diego Jr, who had a career as a lower league footballer in Italy, publicly posed for pictures with Diego after a family reunion.

After splitting from Veronica Ojeda, Maradona got together with Rocio Oliva, who at the time was just 23 and 30 years younger.

Rocio, a former professional footballer herself, has since become a huge celebrity in Argentina and got engaged just 18 months after they met

However, they never married and split up in 2018 after a series of blazing rows, according to media reports.